1. Can't I just learn this stuff on my own without a course, training and support?

Definitely, you can learn ANYTHING on your own online today and if you have the self-direction, clarity and dedication to do so, we say go for it! However, while information is more abundant than ever, high-quality education and guidance is something different. The Institute is designed so you have to go it alone, second-guess yourself or sift through the millions of voices on the Internet. Plus, not only are you getting direction, accountability and support, you're getting access to exclusive content -- such as 100+ hours of coaching demonstrations and live events with Michael Ireland - and resources that will save you thousands of dollars in business setup costs.
2. Can I complete the program faster than the stated 6 months?

Yes, as you complete the weekly requirements, you can unlock future program material as you're ready.
3. What if I'm not tech savvy?

Don't Worry! We make setting up and carrying out your online marketing super simple. Truly anyone can learn it and do it - we've seen it happen. Plus, whenever you're struggling with a technology aspect, you'll have our peerless support to help you figure out the answers to all your questions with most guidance getting to you in less than an hour. We'll also address any outstanding questions you have during our weekly office hours so you'll gain even greater clarity on your work.
 4. Am I too old or too young to benefit from the Institute?

Our students range in age from their early twenties to their seventies. It doesn't matter how young or old you are. We help you build confidence in who you are and what you have to offer and we take that confidence to create your opportunity to make a difference in your life, the lives of those closest to you, your clients and the world. We know that you have gifts to share and we're here to help you share those gifts authentically.
5. Is the Institute right for me?

We're proud that the Institute has helped all kinds of people from across the globe live their purpose of coaching while creating the dream lives they deserve. The program isn't for everyone. You need to have a passion for helping others, a desire to live a better life and a commitment to making it happen. 
6. What qualifications to the master coach trainers have?

The Columbia Coaching Institute was founded by Michael Ireland. Michael's 20+ years experience coaching and training coaches by the thousands all over the world from all walks of life. His extensive training in coaching spans career coaching, multicultural coaching, non-profit coaching, small business coaching and executive coaching and is built on his dual master's degrees in Counseling and Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. Michael was national director and Chief Learning Officer at Deloitte where he created the 'Coached Organization' which was highly acclaimed in the corporate coaching and learning fields.

You'll find our other Master Coach Trainers have similarly outstanding pedigrees. 
7. Are credentials important in the coaching world?

Although having a coaching credential is not a requirement to be a practicing coach, we highly recommend you become a Columbia Coaching Institute Certified Executive Coach (CEC). Our Executive Coach Certification Program offers the most comprehensive and applicable training in the coaching field, giving you the expertise, real-world experience and confidence to coach in the widest variety of situations, including with individuals and groups, with solo clients, teams, smalls businesses, non-profits and corporations. 

At the end of successful completion of their coaching program, students are prepared and eligible to take the written and demonstrated certification exam. Upon passing, students become Certified Executive Coaches (CEC). In addition, your completed program training hours are recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and are applicable toward their additional Associate Certified Coach, Professional Certified Coach, and Master Certified Coach credentials. 
8. I already feel like I'm coaching, why do I need training?

Many people who are looking for coach training believe they're already coaching. While many of our students start with good listening skills and a genuine caring for people, they lack the very specific coaching skills, process and tools need to consistently help their clients get outstanding results. These skills are only effectively taught in professional executive coach training.

If you were looking to drive a commercial truck, teach third-graders or sell insurance, you'd seek out and complete professional training so you'd do those jobs with skill and confidence. Coaching is the same. If you want to be a top executive coach, professional executive coach training is a necessity.
 9. Do I have what it takes to become a top certified executive coach?

Successful coaches come from all different backgrounds. Our students bring their unique experiences, talents and interests to design their coaching around what's important to them and their clients, e.g., business executives, women leaders, teams, emerging market managers, non profits, motivation, troubled teens, folks with certain medical conditions - just to name a few!

People who are attracted to coaching have a calling to help others. They frequently feel they've been coaching and now want to take their skills, processes and tools to a professional, more effective level. Great coaches are caring, curious, believes in others and can see the potential in their clients.

Our students simply need to support others' potential and creativity while being committed to holding others resourceful. Great coaches are committed to their client's growth and goal achievement while loving to learn.
 10. Are you ICF accredited?

 Since its creation, The Certified Executive Coach Program and our D4 coaching approach have been aligned to the ICF's 11 core competencies. The International Coach Federation (ICF) was founded in 1992 and is the leading global coaching association based on number of members and chapters worldwide.

Our student wishing to attain further certification with ICF can apply using their portfolio application for their Associate Certified Coach, Professional Certified Coach, and Master Certified Coach credentials based on the number client hours logged and performance on their oral exam. Their contact hours earned in the Institute's Certified Executive Coach Program can be applied toward meeting ICF's 'coach-specific training' requirement.
 11. Does the Certification Program include speciality coaching?

 We help you define your specialization as part of the program, e.g., a former sales manager who becomes a sales coach. Exercises, live coaching practice and support then is focused on you coaching your speciality clients. As your foundation, the core principles, processes, tools and skills you'll learn in the program are applicable to ALL coaching niches and specialities, whether its coaching one-on-one, in groups or via a coaching program.
12. Do you offer payment plans, tuition reduction or financial aid?

Please know that we do offer payment plans and financing options and may, from time to time, have reduced tuition available. The payment plans and financing options are a little too detailed to explain here and we have options that general work within most budgets.

Please schedule an appointment with us to discuss your needs by copying and pasting this link into your browser:

We're currently not offering scholarships
13. What is the tuition to attend the program?

We know price is an important criteria as you make such an important decision about bettering your life, as a result, we've created different program levels so at least one should fit your budget. To discuss your needs, please schedule an appointment with us by copying and pasting this link into your browser:
14. What can I expect to earn as a coach?

There is an ENORMOUS opportunity in coaching right now and it's growing each year. The International Coaching Federation shares a yearly report on the state of the coaching industry, providing statistics on industry growth and a baseline picture of the profession.

According to the International Coaching Federation:

Worldwide, 6 out of 10 coaches showed an increase in clients at the rate of $200 - $500 per hour
Most coaches predict a further increase in fees, clients, hours and revenue in the next 12 months

Our graduates are among the highest paid, most sought after coaches in the industry because we not only train you to be an outstanding top certified executive coach but also work comprehensively with you to establish your sustainable coaching business, plus providing you with unparalleled on-demand support as you successfully launch and grow your coaching and your business in the real world.
15. Will I work one-on-one with Michael?

YES! You will connect with Michael in scheduled and on-demand one-on-one session throughout the program, including right after your sign up! In addition, you'll participate in incredibly valuable small group coaching via weekly LIVE question and answer sessions during office hours and during weekly LIVE coaching practice.
16. What if I'm not ready now?

The most successful people will tell you their regret is not starting yesterday. It's never too soon. They say taking action changes your life, "I took the leap and the net appeared." Don't be someone who waits around for the perfect moment that never comes, instead start learning, growing and creating your dream life NOW.
17. Do I get access to all the coach training materials all at once?

We don't give you access to all the classes at once. Instead, we teach the program by helping you build your solid fundamentals first and then adding advance coaching and business skills, processes and tools.

Our goal is to make you the best certified executive coach by learning each concept before advancing so you and your clients can gain as much as possible from each. To give you the best opportunity to make this happen, new program material is released each week as you complete the prior week's lessons, assignments and practice. We're not a coach training factory, our goal is to teach you to be among the best certified executive coaches globally. 
18. How much time does the program require?

Our curriculum is skillfully and thoughtfully design so you can create a new, exciting and successful career as a top certified executive coach in just 6 months from anywhere in the world! Each lesson draws on well-established, research-based innovation ways of learning, psychology, business, brain science, digital marketing and sales. The average dedicated time each week is 6 hours (most people watch 5 times that much TV per week).

The program is expertly delivered via 3 manageable streams: 1. Mastering Professional Coaching Skills, Processes and Tools 2. Building & Growing Your Sustainable Coaching Business, and 3. Personal and Career Development.

Throughout the program you'll learn how to transform your life and the lives of your clients to create a wave of success throughout your world.
19. When does the program start? What if I miss a class?

When you apply for the program, you'll have a chance to select a time to speak with us. On our call we'll tell you when we're taking new students (The general rule of thumb is: "If you're speaking with us then we're taking new students"). We typically have only a few spots available so if you decide the program's for you and you're accepted, you should jump in and start.

Don't worry if you miss a class, you have 24 hours a day/7 days a week lifetime access to the program. If you miss a live session you can watch and learn at a time that's more convenient for you.

Your first lessons are released to you following processing your tuition and your orientation session with Michael.

You'll be able to work on each lesson online from your computer, phone or tablet. Each week you'll be given your comprehensive weekly workbook includes all the materials, worksheets and bonus material need for the week.
20. What topics, processes and tools does the program cover?

Michael Ireland with the support of other Master Coach Trainers, will take you through the comprehensive curriculum based on Michael's 20+ years of coaching and coach training experience, coaching business building experience and personal development experience. Michael will teach you the most important and powerful processes, techniques and strategies in each. 

Michael covers all the vital pieces, leaving no stone unturned, to become a top certified executive coach and ensure you have the opportunity to be fully equipped to help your clients have big successes.

On your call with us we can dive deeper into the 125+ sessions and their topics that we cover in the program.
21. What makes the program the best choice for my coach training and certification and coaching business training?

In short, nobody does it better. We're constantly doing research and assessment to ensure that our program is the best, most comprehensive, highest touch, best supported program with the best results in the coach training industry. We're personally invested in your success and will go above and beyond to make sure you reach your goals.

These are some vital points to understand:

(1) Real Life Results During the Program

Our students tell us that even during the program they not only know what it takes, but they HAVE what it takes to be a top certified executive coach and they're making it happen - coaching clients and building their profitable, growing coaching businesses DURING the program in most cases

Confidence and competence in their personal art of coaching combined with a fully-setup business that's up and running, generating new clients every week

(2) Best of Both Worlds

Our students also tell us that they LOVE that we have the highest academic rigor in all of our content, processes and tools, based on deep research in coaching, business, and how adults learn best, WHILE focusing only on the information, exercises and experiences necessary to build strong coaching skills AND business mastery.

You'll get to learn and apply our research-based D4 coaching model and our field-tested Value Accelerator Marketing system that is proven to generate new high-paying clients day after day in any coaching niche.

(3) Best Level of Support

One of the main reasons why our students are so successful is our Next-Level Support, that's unmatched. You get:

- Your part of our private FaceBook group where you connect with other students to socialize, brainstorm, and support each other.

- An EXTENSIVE Knowledge Base and FAQ library containing answers to almost ALL of your most pressing questions as you start and grow your coaching business.

- Four times a month, you are hop on live video calls, ask any questions, discuss any topics about your coaching or business while you learn from Master Coach Trainers and fellow students.

- An amazing help desk you can reach out to via phone, video call, email or text and get an immediate answer in most cases, so you're always moving your coaching and business forward.

(4) Action-Focused Blended Learning

Students tell us they really appreciate the ability to learn and practice coaching from wherever they are, even when traveling.

Our action-focused blended learning approach combines on-demand video-based training lessons, LIVE video- and audio-based coaching demonstrations and practice each week, assignments that build your coaching and business now and 2 live (optional, no extra fee) events each year to meet fellow students and explore advanced coaching and business topics.

(5) ICF Compliant

Since creating the Certified Executive Coach program, we have continued to align our D4 coaching process and teachings to The International Coach Federation's 11 core competencies. ICF is the leading global coaching standards organization in both members and chapters.

Our students who wish to attain even more certification can apply for ICF certification using its portfolio application at the ACC or PCC level based on the amount of client hours logged and performance on the ICF oral exam, where contact hours earned in your studies at the Institute can be applied toward meeting the 'coach-specific training' requirement.

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