About Us
We teach aspiring coaches and established coaches to become top certified executive coaches and help them get new high-paying clients weekly
Our Mission
Our mission is to build your highest-quality professional executive coaching skills so you're most successful and most fulfilled in your career and life.
Our Vision
Our vision is to continue to be the best professional executive coaching training institute and to be thankful and give back.
A Message from Michael Ireland, Founder & Master Coach Trainer
Welcome to The Columbia Coaching Institute! 

I'm excited that you've come this far on your path to becoming a top certified executive coach.
We started the Institute for you, to help you be more successful and fulfilled in your work and personal life.

I've spent the majority of my early career in Management, Human Resources, Organizational Development and Learning & Development roles, finding some of them fulfilling but most of them frustrating.The common thread through the fulfilling ones was the building of strong relationships with leaders and key people in the business. Because of these relationships, I was respected and sought out for my perspectives and insights. These relationships were built by using coaching skills. The same coaching skills we teach you in your program.

Along with training thousands to be coaches, I've built deep coach training expertise  by coaching over a thousand hard-nosed business people at JP Morgan Chase after the bubble burst in 2001, turning Deloitte into a Coached Organization where tough leaders learned to coach their people, and working with Columbia Business School to build next-generation, world-class coaching training. Deep expertise, coupled with vast coaching business-building experience, that I teach you in your professional executive coach certification program. 

I look forward to working with you to achieve your dreams this year
Here's a bit more about my background
  • National Director and Chief Learning Officer, Deloitte's Financial Services business
  • Coached 1000+ professionals in my first coaching role at JP Morgan Chase
  • Built Deloitte into a National Top 5 Learning & Coaching Organization as recognized by ASTD (now ATD)
  • My Coached Organization work at Deloitte was the cover story in Learning Magazine
  • NYU Faculty creating and teaching courses, on Coaching and Leadership
  • Columbia Business School Faculty Team, Executive Education Programs
  • Columbia University Doctorate, Leadership & Adult Learning, pending dissertation
  • Columbia University Master's, Organization & Leadership 
  • Columbia University Master's, Counseling Psychology, specializing in Career Transitions
While I lead your coach training, I'm joined by our other leading Master Coach Trainers who share their coaching, business, marketing, sales and leadership expertise
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