Why Choose The Institute?
Starting and growing a 6- or 7-figure coaching career as a top certified executive coach doesn't take years of experience, degrees or a huge online following...And we'll prove it!

Our clients transition out of their corporate jobs or accelerate their existing coaching careers within just a few months and go on to become top certified executive coaches with 6-figure businesses...without special degrees, a HUGE network, business savvy or some other mystical 'know-how' that you wish you had.

We hear you. It can be confusing.

On the one side, the traditional experts tell you to get a degree in psychology, counseling or another helping profession PLUS a year-long coaching certification. These 'academic' programs are intellectually stimulating, but burden you with unnecessary theory, essay writing and other mind games. At the same time, there is very little emphasis on getting you in the seat, to coach, to fail and experiment...and to succeed faster.

On the other sides, the self-proclaimed 'internet gurus' tell you it's all a waste, you're already a coach just because friends come to you for help and you should ONLY focus on following their 'proprietary' marketing system - no coaching skills,required. These providers are missing the beat as well, by lying to you about what it really takes to start and grow a SUSTAINABLE, PROFITABLE coaching business.

What if there was a third, better option?

What if you could learn how to coach professionally from certified master coach trainers and learn how to start and grow your coaching business authentically, ethically AND fast - during the program?

Sounds too good to be true, right?

We're glad you're skeptical. Most people are...

We're not asking you to take our word for it.

What WE ARE asking you to do is GIVE us a chance to prove it to you.

It won't cost you ANYTHING - just a few minutes of your time, it that fair?

It's DEFINITELY worth your time to learn about starting and growing a 6-figure-a-month coaching business. Head over to: http://bit.ly/certified-executive-coach
More Details
If you'd like to keep reading before watching our very popular FREE masterclass (http://bit.ly/certified-executive-coach), this is for you.

We've surveyed hundreds of our past clients and asked them why they chose to become top certified executive coaches with us, here are the results:
1. Real Life Results During the Program
2. Best of Both Worlds
3. Best Level of Support
Real Life Results...Our students tell us that even during the program they not only know what it takes, but they HAVE what it takes to be a top certified executive coach and they're making it happen - coaching clients and building their profitable, growing coaching businesses DURING the program in most cases

Confidence and competence in their personal art of coaching combined with a fully-setup business that's up and running, generating new clients every week
Best of Both Worlds...Our students also tell us that they LOVE that we have the highest academic rigor in all of our content, processes and tools, based on deep research in coaching, business, and how adults learn best, WHILE focusing only on the information, exercises and experiences necessary to build strong coaching skills AND business mastery.

You'll get to learn and apply our research-based D4 coaching model and our field-tested Value Accelerator Marketing system that is proven to generate new high-paying clients day after day in any coaching niche.
Best Level of Support...One of the main reasons why our students are so successful is our Next-Level Support, that's unmatched. You get:

1) Your part of our private FaceBook group where you connect with other students to socialize, brainstorm, and support each other.

2) An EXTENSIVE Knowledge Base and FAQ library containing answers to almost ALL of your most pressing questions as you start and grow your coaching business.

3) Four times a month, you are hop on live video calls, ask any questions, discuss any topics about your coaching or business while you learn from Master Coach Trainers and fellow students.

4) An amazing help desk you can reach out to via phone, video call, email or text and get an immediate answer in most cases, so you're always moving your coaching and business forward.
4. Action-Focused Blended Learning
5. ICF Complaint
6. 100% Money-Back Guarantee
Action-Focused Blended Learning...Students tell us they really appreciate the ability to learn and practice coaching from wherever they are, even when traveling.

Our action-focused blended learning approach combines on-demand video-based training lessons, LIVE video- and audio-based coaching demonstrations and practice each week, assignments that build your coaching and business now and 2 live (optional, no extra fee) events each year to meet fellow students and explore advanced coaching and business topics.
ICF Compliant...Since creating the Certified Executive Coach program, we have continued to align our D4 coaching process and teachings to The International Coach Federation's 11 core competencies. ICF is the leading global coaching standards organization in both members and chapters.

Our students who wish to attain even more certification can apply for ICF certification using its portfolio application at the ACC or PCC level based on the amount of client hours logged and performance on the ICF oral exam, where contact hours earned in your studies at the Institute can be applied toward meeting the 'coach-specific training' requirement.
100% Money-Back Guarantee...Even thought this feature is not important to almost all of our students, people love the security given by our 30-day no-risk 100% money-back guarantee.

As long as you share your completed work over the first 30-days, including course materials, assignments and live sessions' attendance, we'll offer you a full refund. 

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